Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day in Town by Ernest Haycox

Joe Blunt brings his family to town to ask for a loan from the bank. His crop at Christmas Creek is not coming in and he needs supplies for his children. The banker, McKercher, tries to let Joe down easy, and stalls his refusal by telling Joe to return in an hour. Before he leaves, McKercher notices a slight gesture Joe makes towards his shirt pocket. Knowing he will be refused in an hour, Joe meanders around town while his wife and children wait in the wagon under the hot sun. Joe is refused at every turn, no work available anywhere. When he returns to the bank, he is refused by McKercher, whom notices the gesture towards the pocket once more. The banker offers Joe a cigar, and he refuses. McKercher decides to give Joe a loan.

McKercher explains to a teller that Joe was out of tobacco, and was too proud to take some from him.

Joe returns to his family, surprised he got the money. The wife says they will buy the needed supplies, some nice things for the baby, and some tobacco for Joe.

Fantastic Western. A touching little story about men's hearts, and pride.

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  1. God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. We never know just what will influence a person in power. This is an amazing story about compassion and decision making by the person in power, and what he bases his decision on. What is so warm and heart rendering about this story is how the perceived willingness to sacrifice for the good of his family results in a miracle for a hard working farmer and loving father.