Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Man by Ray Bradbury

A captain of a rocket from earth becomes irate when he finds that his arrival on a new planet has been upstaged by a man who is described as a prophet who visited a day earlier. Rocket-man Martin believes the townspeople are telling the truth, which makes the captain angrier, and insist that it is a joke being played on the town by a fellow rocket captain. When the other rockets arrive, damaged, and captains dead, the captain begins to believe that Christ may have visited the planet. He threatens the townspeople to give up the prophet, whom they say has moved on. The captain sets out to find the prophet on another planet, hoping to catch up to Him some day. Martin stays behind, watches the rocket leave, and is then told by the Mayor that he will now be allowed to go see the prophet, who remains on the planet.

Touching. Another thoughtful, soul-searching sci-fi tale from Bradbury.

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