Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Smile by Ray Bradbury

A line of people forms in the town square of a future dystopian society for a chance to spit on an old painting. Young Tom waits in line listening to the elders. When his time comes, Tom can not bring himself to spit on the painting because he finds the woman beautiful. He asks a man the name of the painting and the man tells him it is the Mona Lisa. The law announces that the painting is to be turned over to the citizens and destroyed, so the crowd begins to rip the painting to shreds, much to Tom’s horror. He tries to grab at the painting but only rips off a portion of the canvas. He runs home and is scolded by his mother and father. He goes to bed and while lying there looks at the portion of the canvas he holds in his palm: the Smile.

Good story. Great tribute to art.

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