Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Harlan Elllison

Patrick Fenton sits at a cafe window and has terrifying visions of dead Nazi war criminals he saw put to death at the Nuremberg trials. He rushes out to the street and tries to confront the ghosts, but they shun him. It is suggested Fenton changed his name, and identity at Ellis Island, hiding his wrong doings during the war. It ends with a "purple glow" surrounding him, and the street becoming night.

Concise little story about atonement. Great use of the thematic issues of war criminals trying to escape their past, or simply losing the swastika after the war (Inglourious Basterds! see it). Lots of Nazis tried to change their close after the war to escape the injustices to mankind that they did. This story relates the nightmares they might endure.

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