Friday, December 30, 2011

Echoes by Lawrence C. Connolly

A mother tries desperately not to give in to her son's fantasy that his younger brother's ghost is in the house. The family was in an accident that left one son dead, and mother and father broken physically and emotionally. The mother tries to change the subject when Billy speaks of his dead brother, Paul. She says maybe he can go with her to the store later, ignoring his mentions of his brother, and hoping she is getting through to him. When the father gets home and the couple sits down to dinner, he asks why the TV is on. She asks for him to let the boy be, but he goes in and turns off the set. He says he doesn't like the set playing to an EMPTY room. The mother goes to the store alone, and the father sits in the empty house, hoping he is getting through to her...

Emotionally charged, dark, well-written, and great little ghost story. Pretty good twist in the end.

Author's Page

There is a short film based on the story. Great cinematography; the use of cool/grey colors that contrast with the warm/bright colors used in the fantasy/flashback are fantastic.

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